New Notes


I have moved my blog over here, as I my old blog was a bit too slow to load and clunky to update.

Now that I am on Ravelry,  I can do a lot of the organising there that I was attempting to do on the old site.  I’m slowly listing all my projects on my Ravelry notebook, but I’m leaving the old blog up as additional background.

There’s been a bit of a hiatus, since I last updated the old blog.

I’ve made some birthday and Christmas presents, which will have to be blogged later, half a pair of slipper-socks using my own birthday present yarn, and this:

Spinning a Yarn

Spinning a Yarn

This has reignited my interest in knitting a cauliflower.  I have been drawing unsatisfactory sketches, which look a little bit like the arrangement of cauliflower florets, but not quite close enough to get the lovely Fibonacci spirals I want to show.

I’ve just rediscovered this lovely page, which has the exact pictures I wanted – look at this one: how fantastic is that?.  Back to the drawing board…


~ by Dani on December 15, 2008.

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