I’m a home educator, living in Brighton, UK, with my lovely partner Allie and my two kids Pearl and Leo. We blog about home education and other things at Reflections in the Greenhouse. Around the same time as starting to home educate the kids, I took up knitting again, having enjoyed it as a child and not really touched any needles or yarn since.

I have discovered I am a ‘process knitter’ – more interested in the knitting than the actual product. But I do like to make things that are useful for something, even if they look a bit strange!

I am interested in things made essentially from one long strip of knitting. I have made a bag like this, and also the body of a cardigan (sleeves and buttons were added later). I have a vague idea to make a multi-function dress/top out of two long strips, that will be buttoned together and spiral around the wearer’s body/arms.

I’m also interested in using tubular knitting to make 3D objects on 2 needles – I used this method to make a string bag and several woolly hats.

I managed to get my obsession with knitted Penrose tiles out of my system by making a patchwork blanket, which I’m very pleased with.

If any of my projects are useful or inspiring to anyone else, feel free to adapt/copy them. I don’t usually have patterns to share, as such, but I’m happy to discuss what I’ve done by email.   Comment here or contact me on Ravelry (I’m knittingnotes) if you want to get in touch.



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